Alia Sonara, Esq. is an American artist based in New York. She prefers to focus on uplifting subject matter and creating images that have familiar elements combined with aspects that may keep her audience guessing. She began producing work in 2013 after concluding her B.A. in Philosophy at Johns Hopkins University and her J.D. at the University of Chicago Law School. Her work is broad in scope ranging from visual art and fine silk accessories to modesty fashion. On occasion she represents artists and businesses in her capacity as an attorney.


  • AIGA / Google Design Census 2016 featured artist, with data visualization entitled “Sweet Education.”
  • Showcased her Sister from the West (R) brand at Torino Fashion Week 2017, with brand listed in show’s attendees in Vogue Italia. Exhibited her headscarves in a historic dedicated modesty fashion segment created by the Islamic Fashion and Design Council [IFDC], founded by Alia Khan and was featured in Pret-A-Cover Magazine for the same.
  • Since 2017 she is the exclusive artist for Fine Foods Trading, Inc., a caviar distributor.
  • Spoke on panel entitled “Getting Basic: Misappropriation, Plagiarism, Fair Use, and Grey Areas,” for artists about misappropriation at SOHO 20 Artists, Inc.
  • Led workshop on Art Law for artists at Arts-Mid-Hudson, in NY.